Cutting Edge Strategies and Tactics for the Right

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    Data-Driven Decision Making

    We can no longer rely on the Estblishment model for advice. Instead, Sic Semper Strategies is moving conservative campaigns to a model based off of sophisticated data, modeling, and targeting.

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    Maximizing Efficiency

    Sic Semper Strategies employs a low-overhead, high efficiency campaign structure to minimize overhead and maximize direct voter contact.

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    Focus on the Fundamentals

    You can't have fun without da mentals. All the innovations in conservative political technology will be for naught if we forget the blocking and tackling of politics - direct voter contact.

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    Intelligent Communications

    Language is a weapon, and Sic Semper Strategies intends on using it. By thinking ahead, being creative, and staying on message, you can control any narrative.

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    Harnessing Grassroots

    If you have a highly trained and mobilized grassroots army, no amount of money can prevail over you. Sic Semper Strategies seeks out and nurtures volunteer networks in your district to propel you to victory.

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    Peer to Peer Fundraising

    On top of maximizing the existing network of activists, Sic Semper Strategies employs innovative fundraising techniques with your supporters, which build community on top of raising funds.

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    Guerilla Tactics

    Earned media is priceless. Manipulating the media and your opponents is invaluable. With Sic Semper Strategies, all bets are off and all the rules are out the window. Nothing shady, just asymmetric.

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